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Event - 290
Start Date 02/19/2013 
Start Time  5:30 PM 
End Date 02/23/2013 
End Time   
Location Room 6 Washington Elementary School, Livingston, MT 
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Entry level grade 8 referee course


An Entry level Grade 8 Clinic for new referees will be held in Livingston starting Tuesday Febuary 19 5:30-9:00.  The location will be announced shortly.

There are 2 three hour classroom sessions (02/19,02/21) and one 6 hour session (02/23) as well as a on-line component. All must be completed.

The on-line lesson modules are part of the required training to become a USSF soccer official. The intent is to provide you with the basic information about the Laws of the Game (LOTG). The information contained in the on-line lesson modules covers all of the Laws 1 thru 17. Several of these Laws will not be covered in detail in the classroom sessions. Therefore, you need to study this specific material prior to the first classroom session.

You are given two presentation options to complete this on-line training, both equally as good as the other.

Option 1: This option takes you to the  training module and consists of written dialogue coupled with pictorial explanations, using USSoccer’s “Laws of the Game Made Easy” text. Each individual Law presentation is broken into two segments. It is important that you review both “The Law” and “More Information” segments for a full understanding. This option can be found here:

Option 2: This option takes you to the USSoccer website and their Entry Level Training module, which is a series of power-point lessons with an audio backup. Each Law lesson concludes with a few review questions designed to help you to better understand the material. Put Livinigston Grade8 as the clinic number and hit remember me so you don't have to do this on each of the 17 Laws.

You MUST go to either of the websites above (one or the other, both are not required) and review all of the LOTG, as noted. The on-line training modules are an integral and mandatory part of the overall referee training must be completed BEFORE your first classroom session. You should be especially familiar with the LOTG covering “What is needed to Play” (Laws 1, 2, 3, 4); “How to Play the Game” (Laws 7, 9, 10); and “Restarts” (Laws 8, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17).

It is expected that this should require three to six hours of your time to complete these lesson modules, so do not wait until the last minute. These on-line modules have replaced 6+ hours of in-class training material.

Clinic costs $50.00.  Admin fee: $10.00; USSF Referee Registration: $40.00

Please bring your $50.00 payment to the Tuesday night session.  You won’t be allowed to attend the class without payment.

For more information contact Jack Dockery: (599-5648) or Mike Steinmetz:

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